Load weighing device
The intelligent weighing devices used by JRT serve to evaluate the load inside the car. This enables advanced management of parameters related to the number of users in the car.


It measures and displays the car’s weight, adjusts the car’s preload torque in real time, helps control the behavior of the car depending on its load and informs the passengers of any car overload. Installation of the device is simple and requires only a few minutes. Calibration of the device can be done automatically. These modules are perfect for modernizations or new installations, and are available for both hydraulic and traction elevators.

Dispositif de pesage


SPB load weighing device by Micelect

Designed for hydraulic elevators, it’s installed in place of the pressure gauge or in parallel using a “T” coupler. Its keyboard is integrated to the pressure sensor.

WR load weighing device with MWR controller by Micelect

Designed for 1:1 and 2:1 cable elevators, it’s installed on the elevator cables. Its keypad is connected remotely to improve accessibility. The sensors are installed one by one on a set number of cables.

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