Call dispatch controller - Al•Bert

Product description

AL•Bert is a call dispatch system that increases the efficiency of elevator use. It moves users faster, reduces energy consumption and improves the customer experience.

AL•Bert dispatches calls using an advanced neural network allowing the dispatcher to make better decisions faster according to the needs of users.

AL•Bert works both for projects using conventional landing call buttons (up/down) and for projects using destination-type touch screens.


  • Elevator type
  • Traction and hydraulics
  • Processor type
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Applications
  • Conventional, hybrid and destination systems
  • Dispatch
  • Up to 10 lifts
  • Landings
  • Up to 64
  • Interface
  • Computer with 17-inch color touch screen including JMON-Web supervision software
  • Conditions
  • 0-40 C, 95% RH max
  • Enclosure
  • Nema 1


  • 6 operating modes (Simplex, duplex and triplex...)
  • Configurable and multiplexable calls
  • Calls destinations without screen
  • 10 configurable parking lots
  • Landing access timetable
  • Timetable to deactivate certain types of calls
  • Operating mode timetable
  • Standby power management
  • NEMA 12, 4, 4X Enclosure
  • Hospital service, free cabin, priority, attendant, etc.

3 possible distribution systems


  • The user presses the up or down button located at the landing floor.
  • When the elevator arrives at the landing floor, the user selects the elevator as per the direction indicated by the lamps located on the car door frame.
  • The user enters the elevator and presses the desired destination.


AL•Bert offers to combine these two types of system for the same project. For budgetary reasons, it is possible to combine two systems and install destination touchscreens at strategic levels (ground floor, cafeteria) and install conventional landing call buttons (up/down) at other landing floors.


  • The conventional buttons are replaced by a touchscreen on the landings allowing the user to enter the desired destination.
  • Once the destination is entered, the touch screen at the landing floor indicates to which elevator the user should go.
  • When the elevator arrives at the landing floor, the user enters the elevator and proceeds to its desired destination.
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