With many years of experience in industrial automation, Automatisation JRT Inc. also offers robot integration services. For complex automation applications, robots can be a cost-efficient solution, and our team will help you choose the one best suited to your needs.


Whether in a standard or hostile environment (cold, heat, explosions, etc.), robots will give you an optimal and precise yield for any repetitive tasks related to your process.

Thanks to custom fabrication of end of arm tools, robots are a flexible solution to a multitude of applications in various industries:

  • Wood transformation
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical/biomedical
  • Packaging/palletization
  • Painting
  • Hazardous material handling
  • Laboratory work
  • Etc.

Beyond the robot’s integration itself, we offer complete turnkey solutions for the work cell, including the installation and wiring of all safety elements as recommended by current standards. In addition, for even greater flexibility, we can integrate vision related components if your application could make use of this technology.

For applications that require greater precision and/or speed, or for multiple axis movements, we also offer servo-motor motion controllers as well as CNC-specific controllers that can be adapted to all kinds of processes.

Finally, we also offer sales and integration services for mobile robots for your material movement projects in your environment. With the ever-increasing labor shortage, mobile solutions are becoming more and more popular in order to eliminate non-value-added human tasks. Thanks to our expertise in the elevator market, JRT becomes the obvious partner in order to be able to move your robots on different floors of your establishment.

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