Automated warehouse management system
In a world where operational efficiency is crucial, automation has become an essential solution for companies wishing to optimize their storage, inventory management and logistics processes.


Our team of industrial automation experts specialize in the design, implementation and management of tailored automation solutions for smart warehouses. With the support of our network of partners, JRT offers its SYNER-J solutions which translate into a global approach, taking into account the specific needs of each company, in order to create a smart warehouse perfectly adapted to your activities.

Here are the main characteristics of our offer of automation projects for a smart warehouse:

01. In-depth needs analysis

Our team will perform an in-depth study of your current operations to understand your specific automation needs. We will assess your workflows, storage and distribution processes, and operational goals.

02. Custom design

Based on our analysis, we will design a tailor-made automation solution for your smart warehouse. This can include automatic sorting systems, handling robots, RFID traceability solutions, automated picking technologies, conveyors, management software, etc.

03. Complete project management

Our team provides complete project management, from the design phase to the implementation and installation of the automation solution. We ensure that the project is delivered within the agreed deadlines, respecting the highest quality standards.

04. Training and technical support

We offer complete training to your teams on the use and maintenance of the automation solution. Additionally, our technical support team is available to troubleshoot any issues that may arise and ensure smooth, non-stop operation of the smart warehouse.


Automating your smart warehouse will bring many benefits, such as increased productivity, reduced operational costs, increased accuracy, better utilization of storage space, and improved customer satisfaction. Our integrated systems also provide you with all the data to properly monitor performance indicators.

Let our team of industrial automation experts help you transform your warehouse into a smart, efficient environment.

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