A 100% Quebec product, our Multipli•Soft software was designed to adapt to the specific needs of each customer. Equipped with a data acquisition system, web based remote management system is the ideal solution for your monitoring and process control projects.


Multipli•Soft is an entirely web-based platform, which is the result of several years of development and which is constantly evolving to ensure compatibility with the most recent operating systems and hardware on the market.

In addition to its many user management, control and report modules, Multipli•Soft is equipped with an alarm composition module that allows you to stay in touch with your process at all times, allowing you to act immediately in the event of an alarm or a breakdown.

Finally, in addition to the many modules that make up Mulipli•Soft, the product offers you a visual quality beyond expectations that will give you the impression of being at the heart of your factory.


  • Unlimited number of display tags
  • Personalized and interactive graphical elements
  • History log of all events
  • Statistical reports of all available data
  • Trends and variations calculations for different variables
  • Hierarchized call lists for maintenance personnel
  • Early maintenance module
  • Possibility of remote monitoring and control of process
  • Online updates
  • And more.
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