Improve your productivity with our Hubserve software which offers you a visualization solution for your machine park while informing you about their performance. Make your data speak !


At the cutting edge of technology and ever-evolving, our software will satisfy your needs for supervision and multifactorial control in order to attain factory 4.0 standards.

Hubserve allows you to monitor, control and centralize the status and performance of the various telemetry points connected in your factory, whether it is locally or remotely via various available platforms.

See what Hubserve CAN do


  • Analysis of the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Customizable stops and rejections reason
  • Product quality analysis
  • Production report
  • Work orders monitoring
  • Performance indicators
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Management and sending of alarms
  • Connection to your management software (MRP)
  • Connection to your production machines by communication or input / output
  • Storage 10Gig (SQL Express)
  • Explanatory videos
  • Multipli-soft software inherit fonctionnalities


  • Real time visualization of your data and machine states
  • Equipment configuration
  • Unlimited viewing points (tags)
  • Personalized and interactive diagrams
  • Logs of all events with the possibility of replay
  • Statistical reports of all data
  • Trend curves of the different analog variables
  • Alarm management with hierarchical call system for maintenance staff
  • Easy and intuitive user account management with multi-level access protection
  • The ability to monitor and control states remotely
  • Scalable product ready for the automation of your processes
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