Water treatment
Booster Pompomax


POMPOMAX is the optimal autonomous solution for both booster pump and distribution pump stations. The station is equipped with a revolutionary system that grants it great performance and reliability, even in low consumption periods, such as during the night.

POMPOMAX is completely preassembled, prewired and factory-tested. Its human machine interface (HMI) enables real-time data recording and report generation. The control system can be remotely installed and only two communication cables are required for the whole system to operate

Supresseur Pompomax


  • Operating range 0 @ 1000 USGPM
  • Electrical supply 240 @ 600 VAC protected by a 50 kA surge protector
  • Compact stainless steel construction
  • Pumps isolation valves and integrated bypass line
  • Integrated pressure relief valve for increased mechanical safety
  • Check and air relief valves
  • Dual range magnetic flow meter with two pressure transmitters
  • Constant torque variable frequency drives
  • Independent disconnect switch for each motors
  • Ethernet/IP and Modbus communication
  • Early maintenance software
  • Manufactured and tested according to CSA 22.2 no14-5
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