Non-proprietary controllers
JRT is proud to offer its clients a selection of non-proprietary elevator and escalator controllers. Built around programmable logic controllers (PLC), they’re an ideal choice for anyone wanting to save on maintenance fees. But how is that possible? And what does “non-proprietary” really mean?

What's the non-proprietary?

At its simplest, a non-proprietary controller is a controller that can be installed and maintained by any company or individual with the competence required by the law. The term “non-proprietary” comes from the fact that a single company does not “own” knowledge of the product, but rather that this knowledge is widely available.

The use of non-proprietary controllers encourages healthy competition between installation service providers and between maintenance service providers, and ultimately leads to better prices on service contracts for the final customer. It also gives a measure of freedom and independence for building owners by ensuring that they can turn to a different maintenance service provider if they do not receive adequate service from their current provider.

Though describing this type of controller is easy, obtaining one can be a bit trickier, as a variety of elements influence a controller’s “non-propriety”. Here at JRT, we are determined to offer completely non-proprietary controllers by respecting the three following rules.

JRT'S non-proprietary promises


Our non-proprietary controllers are built using standard, high quality industrial parts. In addition to ensuring that your controller is reliable and performs well, these parts are available from a multitude of industrial parts suppliers everywhere in North America. As such, any maintenance company can take care of repairing or servicing your elevator.


Our non-proprietary controllers communicate with each other and with the outside world using standard industrial communication protocols. As such, they can be diagnosed by any maintenance company using free and easily accessible software.


Our non-proprietary controller can be services, repaired and even reconfigured without the use of a proprietary service tool. All the tools required to configure a controller come built in, and many advanced software diagnostic and maintenance tools are provided at delivery time. We can even prepare an external memory card that allows maintenance personnel to reconfigure the elevator as it was when it was delivered.


No “black box” type parts are installed in JRT controllers. The electrical plans for each project clearly show all the circuits present in the controllers. Each part can be easily identified, which means that we are always one of the companies whose products are approved the fastest by government bodies when regulations are updated.

These rules allow us to make sure that our controller’s maintenance remains simple and fast, and allows our clients to make sure that they have the luxury of choosing the service company that fits their needs.

There are no unobtainable parts, no secret communications and no tool-restricted configuration.

Since any company can offer maintenance services for these controllers, owners can always choose their service providers amongst the most competitive maintenance companies. On top of that, JRT offers a 24/7 technical support line to offer assistance to any and all maintenance companies.

For quality service and competitive maintenance prices ask for a non-proprietary controller from an independent leader in the vertical transportation industry.

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